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Great Strides!

Some exciting news for Hurricane Katrina Victims (I like to make those words capitalized for those of you just searching for key points in my bulletins), President Bush announced Wednesday that all 4.2 billion dollars set aside from those loveable scamps FEMA for disaster relief would go towards rebuilding New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana.

I mean, yeah, they could have given some of that money to other states that were destroyed by Katrina, like Texas, Florida, etc.. But I think it's much more TRL Hip of him to do it this way. Because not only does this help New Orleans get itself back up just in the nick of time for Spring Break and Mardi Gras so college kids from around the country can puke all over it, but it also gave Mr. Bush a chance to stand around debris and wear a hard hat.

And isn't that really what being a president is all about?
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