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sheffield music scene

well sugahs, ah've been reading mah newest book, 'beats working for a living: sheffield popular music 1973-1984" bah martin lilleker. ok, first off, cuntfession time...ah've been reading parts of it. namely, the bits to do with heaven 17, human league and abc. ah'm a bad girl with an extremely short attention span. anyhoo sugah, it's a very nifty book & ah will keep this short, as ah've a tendency to drift & start going on about other shit, as you well know.

and speaking of shit, the parts about meatwhistle were very, ummm...enlightening? exploding gnomes, roadkill posted on notice boards, attempts at electrocuting school headmasters, puking in toilets on stage, necrophilia, coprophilia, intergalactic bdsm, obsessions with clocks, being kicked out of school for being an undesirable subversive element - and that's just the section about ian craig marsh.

anyway sugahs, it's a good read. ah'll probably even finish it someday, but work & family keep me pretty fucking stressed & out of it, especially of late.

btw, did ah mention it has a lurvely picture o' glenn gregory in make-up and garters? nice legs, he has...
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