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cuz ah lurves me some irish


in honour of the irish [mainly because ah have so much damn irish blood in me], here is an mp3...

first up is careering bah P.i.L. [public image limited], john lydon's band after the sex pistols.

listen to this & tell me u2 didn't worship john lydon, ah dare ya. john is quite the man - brutally honest & just plain weird. and as we all know, truly weird blokes rule. if ya haven't yet, you should read his book "no irish, no blacks, no dogs". it's just...amazing. ah've always respected him, but reading that book, plus listening to his various radio & tv shows he's just upped mah respect for him so much.

PiL started off as a very interesting and very honest cuntcept - the musician as businessman. anyhoo, the idea was that the record cumpany would deal with the band as a business partner. personally, ah don't think John & PiL managed to do this as well as Heaven 17/BEF, but still, the idea itself was interesting. forget the idealistic bullshit that musicians don't care about paying the rent. of course musicians care about their art, but saying they don't care about business is fucking ridiculous. they HAVE to care. they are not mutually exclusive. pretty good idea, right? great. now ah will have to definitely write about Heaven 17 & British Electric Foundation later.

ok, so when human league first started out, he called them trendy hippies. but everyone is allowed to be mistaken now & then, right? nothing personal, john.

ah'm an abortion


btw, ah will be writing about/putting up a few mp3's about the cure, heaven 17, etc. it's just that, there's so much to say & ah've a tendency to ramble, that ah end up just giving up. but really, ah will. not that anyone reads this, but just on the off chance someone sees this, ya know.

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